Luca Fersko

Luca Fersko is an American youtuber who was born on April 2, 1998. Despite her younger age, the beauty was raised in the United States. She studied fashion design at Trento High School and returned to the States to pursue her career. Since then, she has become an instant hit with her fun and entertaining videos. Her first YouTube video, “cristina”, was published in November 2015. However, despite her fame, Luca Fersko remains single, with no rumors regarding a boyfriend or girlfriend.

A popular YouTuber, Luca Fersko first made her mark in 2014 with her unique style. Her videos are eclectic and edgy and have garnered over sixteen million video views. The vlogger’s total assets are estimated to be $900k. Fersko’s YouTube channel has over 200 thousand followers and is launching her own line of clothes. The collection features a variety of modern closet staples and retails for $30 to $98.