Louis V Gerstner Jr.

Known as a popular TV personality, Louis V Gerstner Jr has an impressive net worth. Learn about his leadership style and family life. Learn more about his wife, the infamous cuban link rapper. You’ll also discover his passion for golf and gardening. And check out his bio to learn about his many accomplishments. Now that you know how rich he is, you’re ready to become one of his loyal fans!

louis v. gerstner jr. net worth

As an American businessman, Louis V. Gerstner Jr. has an estimated net worth of $630 million dollars. Born in 1942, Gerstner worked for companies such as IBM and RJR Nabisco, among others. He was a prominent member of the Silent Generation and is also known by his nickname, Louis. His net worth is not listed in a detailed table, but he does have some properties.

Although Louis V. Gerstner Jr. has a high net worth, he keeps his personal life private. He’s been married a couple of times, but he’s chosen not to disclose his marital status. He also doesn’t disclose whether he’s divorced or still single. Some celebrities refer to this stage as dating, though it can refer to exploring a more romantic relationship.

lou gerstner leadership style

In “Leadership Style” by Lou Gerstner Jr., he provides insights on reorganization and transformation. Reorganization is simply moving boxes around, while transformation involves a fundamental change. While reorganization involves restructuring processes, transformational leadership requires a fundamental shift in a company’s culture and structure. Here are some examples of Lou Gerstner’s best leadership practices.

Having been a senior executive at American Express, Gerstner became chief executive officer and chairman of the Travel Related Services division. This division was the most profitable in American Express and the financial services industry. His predecessor, James D. Robinson III, would retire in 12 years. However, some analysts were surprised by his choice to become CEO of RJR Nabisco, as he lacked the experience necessary to lead the company. But Gerstner’s inner circle believed that he was the right person to lead RJR Nabisco.

louis gerstner family

Born in 1942, Louis V. Gerstner grew up in Mineola, New York. He was the second of four children, and his parents, a night superintendent at a brewery and a real estate agent, expected him to be an excellent student. He excelled academically at Dartmouth, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history. While he lacked an advanced degree, he devoted his time to studying.

Gerstner, a former IBM executive, worked as a CEO and chairman of the board of the company from 1993 to 2002. After leaving IBM, he joined the Carlyle Group, a global private equity firm. He served as its chairman from January 2003 until October 2008. He has since continued as a senior advisor. Prior to joining The Carlyle Group, Gerstner had held positions with American Express and McKinsey & Co.

cuban link rapper bio

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