Lolo Soetoro Net Worth at Death

In addition to being the stepfather of Barack Obama, Lolo Soetoro was also a geologist. He was born in the town of Bandoeng, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), on 2 January 1935. He was the ninth child of his father Martodihardjo, who was an employee in a mining office. During the Indonesian National Revolution, his family fled to the countryside after the Dutch burned down their house. He later earned a bachelor’s degree in geography from Gadjah Mada University, in Yogyakarta.

After graduating, Soetoro worked for several years as a geologist before moving to the United States. In Hawaii, he met his wife Ann Dunham, who was studying anthropology at the University of Hawaii. The pair married in 1965 and lived together for two and half years. The couple later divorced, and Soetoro remarried in 1980 to Erna Kustina.

Soetoro died on 2 March 1987 from liver failure at the age of 52. His body was buried in Tanah Kusir Cemetery in South Jakarta, Indonesia.

He and his wife had two children; a son named Yusuf Aji Soetoro and a daughter named Rahayu Nurmaida Soetoro.

According to his biography, Soetoro had always been a well-mannered man and was very attentive to his wife’s needs. He was even able to teach her how to speak fluent Indonesian, a language he knew very little of himself.

As a result of this, Soetoro was able to help his wife with her education and her career. He also helped her with her finances, and he made sure that she had everything she needed.

Despite these efforts, Soetoro was eventually forced to leave his job in the United States after an immigration raid by the Indonesian government. He stayed in Hawaii until 1966, when he was forced to return home to Indonesia.

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When he did, Obama’s stepfather began a new chapter in his life. He became the stepfather of Barack Obama and his sister, Maya Kasandra Soetoro.

In his book Dreams From My Father, Obama recalled that his stepfather taught him how to fight against the dangerous world. When his son was injured in a school fight, Soetoro purchased two sets of boxing gloves, and then offered the boy lessons about how to protect himself from strong men who might take advantage of him. He even took him to a sparring session and explained how the world is dangerous.

He also teaches his children about a host of other issues, including how to protect their families from terrorism. Soetoro also teaches them to be proud of their country and their religion, and to not be afraid of what is going on in the world around them.

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