Life Uncontained – How Much Money Does Life Uncontained Make on YouTube?

A popular YouTube channel called Life Uncontained, run by a husband and wife team, is estimated to have a net worth of around $500k. The couple, who moved from Florida to Texas in March 2018, are now building a debt free shipping container home. They plan to use solar power for all their power needs and have installed a rainwater catchment system to collect water. Life Uncontained is a self-sufficient home, and is expected to be debt free by 2022.

The couple own a tiny house outside of Houston, Texas, and make a decent income with their YouTube channel. Their new tiny home has been featured on the site more than a million times. The couple has over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and over 58,000 Instagram followers. As of May 2018, Life Uncontained is earning approximately $40k a month through advertising on YouTube. In a recent video, the couple discussed the process of building the back and exterior of their new tiny house.

As of July 2022, Life Uncontained will have a net worth of $227,000, based on the estimated revenue from YouTube advertising. The channel has 214 videos uploaded, categorized in Lifestyle and Hobby. Their earnings are based on the videos’ price and current audience, and they may have additional sources of income. To get an idea of their earnings, Life Uncontained’s stats are listed below, separated by day.

While the couple used to have other jobs, they now focus their attention on their YouTube channel and building their own house. The couple has not revealed their true ages, but their net worth is estimated to be at least $3 million. They also have a small solar-powered workshop. As far as their age goes, Mackenzie and Spenser are still in their thirties, but they have not revealed their true age.

The couple is a real-life couple whose YouTube channel has a 1.3 million subscriber base. The couple lives in a small house near Houston, Texas and have built a home for themselves. Mackenzie and Spenser have been sharing their adventures since their channel began in March 2018.