LankyBox Net Worth – Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma

Countless people have asked what is Lankybox’s net worth. The two men and their crew are well known for their humorous YouTube videos. The estimated value of Lankybox’s net worth is $4 million by 2020. The total net worth includes earnings from YouTube, merchandise sales and other commercial ventures. The two men are 6 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall. As of 2016, they have racked up over a billion views on YouTube.

Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma are the founders of LankyBox, a popular YouTube comedy channel from the United States. Their videos have earned a combined 24.1 billion views, averaging $5,171 per video. The duo also produces animated series that feature their characters Foxy and Boxy. Despite being famous and successful on YouTube, they do not have a girlfriend. The net worth of LankyBox is estimated to be between $14.1 million and $39.1 million, based on their popularity and monthly views.

In addition to making hilarious YouTube videos, LankyBox has also created animated stories about their pasts. For example, Justin once tried to sneak into a R-rated horror movie with his friend. Adam, on the other hand, dated his best friend’s sister during his middle school years. Boxy, a yellow and white cardboard box, runs the LankyBox World channel with Foxy, a purple and white fox. Both of these characters are very funny and have gained recognition for their hilarious videos.

The two YouTube personalities who make up LankyBox have been making over $1.2M each month through advertising. According to some sources, the duo makes approximately $600K per video. These figures are just the beginning. With such a large amount of money flowing in, the duo is well on their way to making their net worth even higher. However, their success is not a guarantee. Aside from making money online, the duo also live comfortably in Seattle, Washington.

Justin Kroma started his YouTube channel on July 30, 2016. His first video, “THE GREATEST TALENT AUDITION EVER!!! LankyBox”, has already gained massive popularity. Justin has been uploading various videos on the channel since then. One of his most popular videos is K-POP WITH NO BUDGET! (BLACKPINK’S “DDU-DU-DU DDU-DU”). With over 903k subscribers, he shares his videos on YouTube about three to four times a week.

Justin Kroma is an American YouTube star and social media influencer. He launched his own YouTube channel named Lankybox on July 2016 and began working with Adam Macarthur. The duo create amusing content, focusing on parodies and imitations. Justin Kroma will be 27 in 2022 and his birthday is on 11th January. He has a Capricorn zodiac sign, making his net worth a modest $8 million.

The two brothers are close friends, sharing the same blood. Justin is a nerd, but Adam is a sane, rational guy. Their net worth is $5,67 million. The duo has four children and two pets. Their net worth is estimated at $5,67 million. It’s not hard to see why Justin and Adam are so successful. If you’ve ever been to a LankyBox, you’ll probably know how much they earn.