KSI Net Worth 2021 Forbes

KSI, or Olajide William Olatunji, is a British YouTuber and actor who has accumulated a huge net worth in the last few years. Born on June 24, 1993, Olajide graduated from Berkhamsted School and was named the most influential teen in the world by “The Times.” He started uploading videos on YouTube when he was a teenager and quickly accumulated millions of views. The YouTuber quickly diversified his audience by collaborating with other YouTubers.

KSI earned over PS250,000 per YouTube video that is posted online and has also been paid for product endorsements on Instagram. KSI dabbled in music in his early career, signing with the Maker Studios sub-network Polaris. In 2015, he released his debut single Lamborghini, which went viral, with over 110 million views. After the success of Lamborghini, KSI formed a group called Sidemen. The group produced video game commentary and skits, as well as online videos. KSI is not married, nor is he involved in any other form of combat or relationship.

KSI has accumulated a vast portfolio of property. He has purchased a mansion in London’s Keston Park. This property is known as Sidemen House. KSI’s former home shared with three other YouTube stars. It cost $8.7 million and measures 15,000 square feet on a one-acre plot. KSI also donated thousands of dollars to different charities. This net worth is just a snapshot of his assets.

YouTube has made KSI a multi-millionaire. His videos have amassed over half a billion views and earned him millions. KSI’s other sources of wealth include his acting career and his boxing career. The YouTuber has been successful in turning his passion for music into a career and has won two of his three fights. It is worth noting that he dropped out of high school to pursue his dream.

KSI’s YouTube following continues to grow. He has gained 33 million subscribers and a massive seven billion views. The success of his YouTube channel has helped him build his net worth, but his wealth fluctuates because of advertising. KSI’s net worth is expected to hit $15 million by 2021, similar to his fellow YouTube celebrities Jake Paul and Logan Paul. So, if you’ve been wondering if KSI is worth $15 million or less, it’s definitely time to take note.

KSI’s net worth has grown over the years, from his boxing debut against Logan Paul to his new career in film and television. In 2011, KSI branched out into hip hop and rap and released several songs on iTunes. In addition, he had a duel with the rapper Joe Weller. After this, he was banned from the Eurogamer Expo for life. KSI also branched out into producing his own music. In 2012, he released ‘Lamborghini’ and later ‘Down Like That’. In 2017, he also joined P Money and released a ‘Two Birds One Stone’.

Logan Paul’s eSports career earned him an enormous net worth in the past few years. He became an overnight sensation and won the “Ryan’s World” competition. He reportedly earned $54 million by the end of 2021 – a figure that was half of the previous list. While he may not have achieved the wealth of the YouTube superstars in the past, he’s certainly making waves in the world of gaming.