KSI Net Worth 2021 Forbes

If you want to know how much KSI is worth, this article will help you to answer this question. This YouTube personality is also an actor, rapper, and professional boxer. His net worth is estimated at $20 million. He was born on June 19, 1993 in England, to parents Jide Olatunji and Yinka Olujimi. His parents are from Nigeria. KSI has several million subscribers on his channel.

In 2015, KSI was earning $4.5 million on YouTube. However, this was only a few years ago. By the end of 2017, his channel had made him $11 million. He makes at least $200k for every YouTube video he posts. Besides YouTube, KSI has other sources of income like merchandise sales and his career as a musician. KSI’s net worth 2021 is expected to grow by over $15 million.

KSI has expanded his business into music, film publishing, and boxing. He has also partnered with Logan Paul on his energy drink. However, the most controversial part of his net worth is his public relations. During a 2012 controversy, KSI was accused of sexual harassment. After the incident, he was banned for life from the Eurogamer Expo. The two brothers also fell out, with Deji leaking bank records and releasing a dis track video.

YouTube videos made him a famous celebrity. His videos are watched by millions of people, and he has even won the NME Award for Vlogger of the Year. His popularity has led to many projects including releasing albums. And KSI has branched out into rap and hip hop. His net worth will surely continue to grow, so stay tuned for the KSI net worth 2021 forbes article.

KSI started to branch out into hip hop and rap in 2011. He used his YouTube channel to promote his music. He released several songs on iTunes. One of his songs was ‘Heskey Time’ featuring Randolph. KSI has participated in three high-profile boxing matches. The artist also produced rap music. KSI has over 1.6 million subscribers online. In 2018, his total online audience reached 1.6 million.

The earnings of KSI are expected to double by 2020. The artist is set to earn $49 million in 2020. Forbes estimates his earnings will reach $48 million by 2021. However, Forbes did not give an exact figure for his net worth. He may be earning millions more than Drake. However, the singer is still a controversial figure. Although it is difficult to determine whether he is the biggest YouTube personality or not, he is certainly still a successful artist.