Is a 2013-D Dime Worth Collecting?

The Roosevelt Dime was first struck in 1946, and it has been known to have good eye appeal, as it is in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. It is a remarkably low-mintage coin and has no visible marks or issues. This coin is part of the Roosevelt Dime series, and represents a great value for the money. It was first released on January 30, 1946, on the 64th birthday of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The president was chosen as the face value of the coin because of his strong commitment to the cause of infant paralysis, known as the March of Dimes.

The 2013-D dime is one of the easiest coins to acquire in uncirculated condition, as the Denver Mint struck over a billion of them. The PCGS Population Report indicates that uncirculated coins of this date are incredibly common, but the grade of MS68 with full bands is even rarer. As with the pre-1982 dime, the higher grade of the 2013-D dime will fetch more money at auction, while the lesser-graded ones will cost you less than a cent.

Aside from its obverse and reverse design, the 2013-D Dime has a special significance. The obverse side of the coin depicts the portrait of President Franklin Roosevelt, while the reverse side features a torch, which symbolizes independence, strength, and peace. However, the date of issue is important to determine whether or not a 2013-D dime is worth collecting. And if the answer is yes, then a 2013-D dime is the ideal coin to purchase for your collection.

The price of the 2013-D dime in uncirculated condition is $2.28. The price of a MS+ coin increases by almost $0.15 if it is certified as MS+. MS-grade coins can sell for up to $5! And a PR65 uncirculated 2013-D dime is worth as much as a $1.00 coin! And, as long as you know where to find one in your area, you’ll enjoy great returns on your investment.