I Tamed the Crazy Marquis – Book Review

“I Tamed the Crazy Marquis” is a new series that begins with the adventures of Laranora Ador, a young boy who has been rescued from the infamous auction house. Laranora tames a crazy marquis and saves the boy. I recommend you read this series to discover how this young woman saved a young boy from danger.

Laranora Ador rescues a young boy from an infamous auction house

The story of how the eccentric young noble Laranora Ador rescues eskal van Dyck from an infamous auction house is as interesting as the adventure itself. Eskal is a boy who belongs to the household of the Crazy Marquess. Laranora takes care of him and raises him as her own son. Soon, Eskal falls in love with Laranora, and the young boy must now find his true self.

Laranora Ador tames a crazy marquis

In the bestselling fantasy series, Laranora Ador, a young woman from an ordinary family, rescues a young boy from an auction house. In reality, the boy is Eskal Van Dyck, the Crazy Marquis. Raised by Laranora with love and care, Eskal eventually falls in love with her. Despite his ruthlessness and powerful magic, Eskal is determined to find Laranora to take him back to his castle and become the new Crazy Marquis.

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