How to Spot a Movado Watch

When shopping for a Movado watch, look for a few distinct characteristics. A good Movado will be scratch-resistant and its face should have a gleaming, genuine look. It will also have the Swiss-made inscription and should have solid clasps and links. It should also be heavy and not flimsy.

A real Movado watch will have a serial number and a Movado logo on the inside of the case. You can check this number by removing the back cover. It should be written in all caps. You can also verify the serial number by calling a Movado representative or looking at a Movado website.

Another way to spot a fake Movado watch is to check the price at different retail stores. Many counterfeit Movados sell for about $200 to $250. A genuine luxury watch will never be sold below $250. There are also discount websites that sell Movados at up to 50% off their retail value.

Movado watches are known for their quality and craftsmanship. They are expensive, but their quality makes them a good buy. Besides, they look classy and stylish. Many Movado watches also come with unique watch cases. They feature a magnetic closure and signature lining with the brand logo. These cases are durable enough to last for many years.

Movado is an established Swiss brand. Its history dates back to 1881. Many of its watches reflect a particular time period and are great for collectors. Some Movado chronographs from the 1970s include the Datron HS360 El Primero movement. They also feature classic Cartier Tank models.

Besides being useful for telling time, a Movado watch can make a stylish fashion statement. You can find men’s watches in stainless steel, leather straps, and other materials. Whether you’re looking for a bangle or a bracelet, there’s sure to be a Movado watch for you.

If you’re looking for an elegant dress watch, consider the Movado Museum watch. Its classic yellow gold dial is the perfect complement to formal wear. The Swiss quartz movement makes it water-resistant to 30 meters. The watch features a durable case and crystal that shouldn’t be scratched easily. Most Movado watches have a press-on back so replacing a battery is simple and inexpensive.