How to Spot 2019 Quarters Errors

There are several mistakes on the 2019 quarters. If you’re one of the many who don’t see error coins, it’s important to look for them. The following errors will help you spot them. These can be caused by two reasons:

Double-die error. A double-die error means that the die used to imprint the design was misaligned during the production process. Double-die errors can occur in two places on the coin. It can either be a double-die coin or a misaligned master tool. Double-died coins have different values depending on the strength of the doubling. This error does not affect the value of the coin, however.

State Quarter Errors. State quarter errors are the most valuable in any statehood collection. However, they are difficult to find, as there were billions of state quarters minted. However, never give up. A state quarter can be worth up to $13,000! It is likely that a mischievous mint worker accidentally fed an amusement token to a quarter. So if you have a quarter that contains an error, don’t worry; you can buy a fake coin and save it for years to come.

Another error on the 2019 quarters is the curved clipped planchets. Despite being less common, they still command a high value. Some of these coins are considered errors and fetch up to a few hundred dollars. The value of a quarter depends on the condition of the coin. If it is creased, it is worth a few dollars more than the one with no error. If the die is cracked or has a crack, you might be able to find an error on it.

The obverse of the 2018-D extra leaf Wisconsin quarter is one of the most striking examples of this anomaly. This coin displays two types of extra leaf. The first type, referred to as the “Extra Leaf” error, features an extra leaf in the center of the corn stalk. The second variety, called the “Extra Low Leaf” error, has an extra long leaf between the main left leaf. It appears to have been struck through the die.

The 2018 American Memorial Park Quarter is the most popular error on a 2019 Quarter. It is worth $216 on eBay, and it has a face value of $0.25. The face value of a rare Washington Quarter can fetch up to $13,573. So, even if you find an error on your coin, don’t throw it away – use it to bank, spend, or save it. You’ll probably find a higher value version of this coin if you have the patience to wait a little longer to buy.