How to Slide Down Ladders in Dark Souls

If you’re wondering how to slide down ladders in Dark Souls, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a great way to get down quickly, and is a great technique in many modern games. Just be careful when you do it, as the metal will become very hot. To slide down a ladder in Dark Souls, you must release your thumb from the stick and hold the circle, and then slide down the ladder.

In addition to the ladders, you can also use the Estus Flask to heal yourself. This item lets you resupply it while in-game, and can be replenished by resting at a bonfire. A similar farming system would be beneficial to a Dark Souls remake. This is a great way to increase accessibility for those who are not accustomed to climbing ladders.

As a result, you can also use this technique to summon other players and invade worlds. The Great Heal spell is located at the end of the tunnel. In addition to this, collecting kindling will increase your Estus Flask’s charge. Having more Humanity is helpful as well because you will need it to level up in the Darkwraith and Chaos Servant Covenants. While it is a tedious task, it’s well worth it in the end.

However, one important thing to remember about the game is that you can only use this technique when you’re docked. When you’re playing the game on a PC, you’ll notice that the controls are noticeably laggy. However, they don’t appear when you’re playing it on a console, so you’ll have to use this trick if you want to interact with another player. However, this is not the only issue with the game. You should also know that this technique is not supported on Xbox One.

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