How to Make Money From Dwarven Mines

The following guide will show you how to make money from dwarven ores. It is important to know that mining ores can take quite a bit of time, but you can sell them for good prices once you have them. It is important to sell the ores to other players and not to general stores, however, as the prices can change over time. Iron and coal are the most popular ores to sell, as they can be used to make steel bars.

You can purchase better pickaxes in Dwarven Village to mine Mithril veins. A pickaxe with Breaking Power 4 or higher will enable you to mine Mithril veins, which can give you Titanium Ore. Once you have mined these veins, you can talk to the Dwarven King to start Commissions. Using a lift operator will allow you to get a faster trip to the mines.