How to Load a PEZ Dispenser Hack

The PEZ dispenser comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, and one way to avoid the annoying difficulty of loading it is to use a hack, which is easy to replicate. A viral TikTok video posted a couple of days ago suggests that you can load a candy dispenser with a wrapper. After watching the video, which has now surpassed 23 million views, it’s easy to see that this hack is a viable solution.

In addition to being fun to watch, a PEZ dispenser hack is even more impressive when it’s performed by a normal person. Although it’s fun to collect these little candies, they’re not easy to load. Fortunately, there are several ways to do it and we’ll go over a couple of them. Hopefully, this trick will help you load a PEZ dispenser and have a long-lasting and enjoyable collection.

Another method that is easy to duplicate is to insert a PEZ candy wrapper through the dispenser’s hole. After this, simply slot the still-wrapped PEZ sleeve into the dispenser, which should be filled to the top. When the dispenser is full, the wrapper will fall out of the bottom, leaving you with the empty wrapper. As long as you have a clean, sturdy surface, this hack will keep you happy for years to come.