How to Grade a 1977 Spitting Eagle Quarter

If you have a 1977 spitting eagle quarter, you are one of the lucky ones. There are a number of ways to grade them. Here are three ways you can grade these coins. These coins are worth much more than their face value. These coins are certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, which is the leading coin grading service in the world. These coins are more valuable than their face value and can command thousands of dollars.

The value of the spitting eagle 1977 Washington Quarter varies considerably. The average uncirculated example is worth 25 cents, but in MS+ condition it can reach as much as $6. At auction, a coin in MS+ condition can fetch up to $10. Even a lower value, however, can be purchased for less than a quarter in MS-63 condition. So if you have a piece of history, consider buying it.