How to Get Mind in Dragon Block C

There are several ways to get mind in Dragon Block C. You can use the Upgrade Multiplier to get a higher chance of gaining TP. You can also use the Ki Attack menu to boost your chances of gaining TP. You will find the Ki Attack menu after you have completed the Skills menu.

Increases chance of gaining TP

This mod adds an increase to the chance of gaining TP. It is now possible to gain TP more often by doing expert missions. Expert missions are missions that allow you to complete three tasks in six minutes. They also allow you to gain z capsules and TP medals.

The TP gained from mini games can be either true or false. The default is 10. The multiplier option can be changed to a value from one to ten thousand. This can be changed to change the number of TP gained by a mind. However, it is not recommended to change the value of the multiplier to one on a server.

Upgrade Multiplier increases chance of gaining TP

There are a few ways to increase the amount of TP you gain in Dragon Block C. One way is to increase the TP gain multiplier in your config. To do this, locate the line “I” and change the value to a higher number. You can make this number as high as 10000 or as low as 0.0001. The default value is 0.01

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