How to Find Out If You Have a 2016-P Harpers Ferry Quarter

There are many ways to find out if you have a Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Quarter. The city was the site of the 1859 Harpers Ferry Armory raid. This particular coin was produced by the Denver Mint, Philadelphia Mint, and San Francisco Mint. The coin is clad, containing nickel, and contains the P mint mark. Prior to 1980, this mark was located on the back of the coin, above the R in QUARTER. However, in 1968, the mint mark was moved to the front of the coin, where it appears behind Washington’s hair tie.

The obverse side of the 2016-P Harpers Ferry quarter is a prime example. This coin displays severe die wear, with loss of detail and poor quality strikes. It is impossible to identify the reverse design, which is largely obscured by the accelerated die wear. A similar die wear occurred on the backside of the coin, removing the legend and central design. This is accompanied by a glossy splotch, the result of the same die-wearing process. However, this amorphous splotch lacks detail, making it difficult to distinguish it from a normal coin.

The fort was dismantled in the 1890s and rebuilt in 1895. It changed ownership several times before it was purchased by the National Park Service in 1960. After a series of changes in ownership, the fort was relocated to Harpers Ferry, Virginia, where it’s closer to the location of the 1859 events. In 1963, the fort was designated as a National Historical Park and remains a popular attraction.