How to Find a 1909 Five Cent Coin

The 1909 five cent piece was struck in a striking patina. The design is a representation of the Round Leaves variety and showcases the original mint lustre in the recessed fields. The five cents also feature the royal regalia worn by King Edward VII in his imperial crowned portrait. The eyes and outlines on this coin offer an incredible eye appeal. To find a piece of this era, be sure to check out the following tips.

The coin’s design was determined by the United States Mint, which was looking for a replacement for the Shield Nickel. They commissioned Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber to come up with similar designs. The design was selected in 1883, but only one was issued. The Shield Nickel remained on the market for thirty years, but was replaced by the Buffalo Nickel in 1909.

The V-Nickel is an iconic piece of American coinage and is particularly popular with collectors. The 1909 V-Nickel comes in three different varieties, each with their own appeal and value. The value of a well-preserved 1909 Nickel can reach as high as $285. For those interested in purchasing a coin, make sure to check out the latest values and market trends. Don’t forget to check out Coin Community’s price chart. This site is updated frequently, but is subject to changes.

The obverse and reverse designs of the 1909 five cent coins differ from those of the earlier coins. Some nickels are rounded, while others have pointed tips. The design is reminiscent of the Victorian type coin. As the years go by, the obverse and reverse design of the nickel coin change, with the onset of a new monarch, the design will continue to undergo a series of changes. One of the most notable changes is the removal of the monarchy from the obverse.