How to Fight Manwha – Viral Hit Chapter 135

A popular manga series called How to Fight Manwha takes a different approach to this recurring problem. This manga’s protagonist, Yoo Hoobin, is a pitiful student who is constantly bullied by more powerful students. While he didn’t do anything to stop the bullying, he accidentally uploaded a video of himself on Youtube. It was a viral hit and Yoo Hoobin became famous almost instantly. Even more remarkable, he started making real money from the video.

Viral Hit is on hiatus

After the hiatus that the manga went on, it is time to bring back the action. Hopefully, the next chapter of Viral Hit will follow the same pattern as the previous series. But, before we get too excited, let’s see why the manga is taking a hiatus. It’s not as surprising as it may seem. During the previous series, the main characters were fighting manwha gang members, but this time they’re in a different form. It looks like the fight scenes will be better this time around, but we will have to see.

Jin-Ho has been in and out of jail several times, so his gang has a target list. Detectives are looking for reasons to put him back in prison. In the next chapter, he will try to contact his gang leaders to challenge them to a fight. However, there are still more plot twists in store. Jin-Ho has been under suspicion since he was only a kid, so it will be interesting to see how he manages to escape from prison in this time.

Chapter 135 of Viral Hit brought the worst of Jin-ho to the limelight

The flashback series of the Viral Hit series will take care of the previous series’ storyline. In this chapter, Jin-ho faced off against the boss of a rival gang. The result was disastrous, and we will see what happens to him the next day. It is difficult to say whether or not this episode is the best one of the series, but I will give my two cents.

In the flashback sequence, the worst of Jin-ho is brought to light. He is out of prison on multiple occasions, and detectives are searching for reasons to throw him back behind bars. This will lead to the conclusion that Jin-Ho will try to contact the leaders of his gang and challenge them to a fight. But there is another twist in store for him.

One of the most anticipated outings of the week was How To Fight Chapter 135. Despite the fact that it is delayed for over a month, it is still one of the best chapters in the series, and is sure to be popular with readers everywhere. It will be out on July 7, 2022. As of now, the chapter will be available only on official manga sites.

Chapter 135 of Viral Hit will deal with a past sequence

This week’s episode will focus on a flashback sequence of Jin-Ho’s past. After achieving tremendous success, he was on the target list for detectives and agents, and they were looking for reasons to put him back in jail. In the next chapter, Jin-Ho will attempt to make contact with his gang leaders, but it will not be easy for him to do so.

In the last chapter, the main characters of the Viral Hit team fought manwha in a past sequence. Chapter 135 will deal with this sequence, which is a past sequence. It will be interesting to see what happens when the characters have to use the past to defeat the manwha. This chapter will be an exciting episode for fans of the manga series.

Chapter 135 of Viral Hit will be released on XpManhua

Chapter 135 of Viral Hit will be available on XpManhua on May 23. The storyline of this series will revolve around the events in the previous series. When Jin-Ho met with the detective, he brought up the subject of his family. He wanted to know why Jin-Ho had killed his family, because he had risen too quickly.

In the previous chapter, we learned about the investigation on Jin-Ho’s identity. It was revealed that he is being pursued by detectives and agents. His sudden rise had many people questioning his real identity. But the investigators are working hard to find a reason to put him back in jail. In the next chapter, we learn how Jin-Ho attempts to contact the gang leaders and learn how to get in touch with them.

Among the other awaited outings this week was Chapter 135 of How To Fight. It has already been delayed by over a week, and the wait for the next chapter will be longer than usual. However, if you want to read this manga, make sure to stay tuned! There is a chance that it will be released on XpManhua soon.