How to Evaluate a 1996’s Penny

If you’ve ever bought pocket change from a friend or relative, you may have noticed a 1996 s penny. While most 1996 pennies are worthless, some may contain errors or varieties. A 1996 penny with a post-mint error or duplicate die is worth less than 10 cents. If you find one of these in change, it’s probably worthless. Here are some tips for evaluating 1996 s pennies.

Look for the “D” mintmark on the back of the coin. This indicates that it was struck at the Denver Mint in Colorado. These coins are hard to classify as rare. The Denver Mint produced around six million 1996-D Lincoln Memorial cents. However, some of these coins are worth more than $50, so you might want to consider a 1996-S proof coin. If you’re looking for a rare penny, look for one that is over 50 percent off center.

The reverse of the 1996-S Lincoln Memorial Cent is also interesting. The design on the obverse and reverse features the same bust of Abraham Lincoln. The obverse text reads: “LIBERTY”. On the reverse, there is an inscription reading “ONE CENT” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” – two phrases which have become increasingly popular in the collector community. If you’ve ever seen a 1996-S Lincoln Memorial Cent in person, you’ll likely know its great contrast.

The obverse is also very attractive. A bust of President Lincoln stands beside the words “In God We Trust,” which represent a pledge of allegiance to the United States. The date is also included. The mint mark on the reverse will indicate whether the coin was minted at the Philadelphia mint or elsewhere. However, if it’s three percent or more off center, you won’t be earning much of a prize. On the other hand, if the coin is five percent or more off center, it will be worth ten dollars or more.