How to Earn Merits Elite Dangerous in Star Trek Online

If you want to earn merits in Star Trek Online: Beyond the Frontier, you have to know how to use different modules to make your ship more powerful. There are several ways to achieve elite status, and this article will help you do just that. Here are some of the best ones. This method involves fortification of cargo. In order to do this, you must take a pilot to the capital system of a faction and transport cargo there.

Prismatic Shield

Prismatic Shields are unique modules that are offered by 11 different powers. These modules can only be purchased after four weeks of pledges and require 750 merits. Combat merits can be earned by killing Behemoths and purchasing Hunt Passes. These merits are used to unlock combat-related nodes in the Slayer’s Path. However, there are several ways to earn these merits and use them to purchase Prismatic Shields.

The first method involves going to a system in an expansion. Once there, you must engage in combat in a particular zone. A powerful weapon will also increase your powerplay rank. Flying to a system with a compromised nav beacon will result in a ‘target of interest’ spawning in the system. The agent is a traitor, and killing him will award you a fine. You must kill this agent before police arrive.

Undermining and Opposition

Undermining is a complex game, and the best way to get high points in PowerPlay is to steal special cargo. As long as you’re not targeting the same major faction as your target, you should be safe. However, if you’re in a situation where you must steal special cargo, you may want to avoid killing the ship. In that case, it’s better to follow it into its wake and avoid its assault. This way, you’ll minimize the damage done to your reputation, while maintaining your own safety.

Killing foreign diplomats

One of the most effective ways to earn merits in Star Citizen is by killing foreign diplomats. This method awards you 30 merits per kill, and requires that you visit an enemy faction control system and sit at a navigational beacon. Then, target foreign ships passing by. Make sure to target specific names or non-allied ships in order to maximize your merits. This method is highly effective, but it should only be used when you’re on the edge of an enemy faction’s control.

Powerplay modules

If you have been wondering how to earn elite dangerous merits in Star Trek Online, this guide will help you out. Powerplay modules are the best way to gain prestige and get more powerful ships. To earn these, you must first reach Rating 3 and four weeks of pledged service. The power play tick occurs every Thursday at 07:00 game time. It takes about four weeks to reach Rating 3. To earn elite dangerous merits, kill power play ships and gain bounty points. Every kill gives you 25 merits, so you will need to kill 30 of them in order to unlock this module.

Elite Dangerous powerplay cycles run in real time and reset every Thursday at 7:00am GMT. Powers can take significant actions once they have acquired enough Merits. Earning merits in Elite Dangerous requires completing missions, battling with other players, and transporting cargo. Merits can also be gained through naval rank, sabotage missions, and combat against non-allied factions.

Elite Dangerous has two factions: the Federation and the Empire. Players can earn combat merits by killing Behemoths and using Hunt Passes. These merits can be pledged to unlock combat-related nodes in the Slayer’s Path. Once earned, these merits decay 50% every cycle, so it’s important to keep an eye on them. This process will help you earn elite dangerous merits fast!

Powerplay has great potential, but it falls flat at the moment. In essence, it’s the same as outside of the powerplay, except that you’ll get a merit instead of credits. In other words, you’ll still get the same amount of rewards as outside of Powerplay, but it won’t cost you anything extra. That said, it’s certainly a great way to boost your prestige and get some elite dangerous gear.