How to Earn Decor Points in Cookie Run Kingdom Attractions

Decorating your Cookie Run kingdom is an exciting way to make your town more attractive and unique! Each building or item you put in your kingdom earns you Decor Points. These are used to upgrade your buildings and signify your standing in the kingdom. They do not affect gameplay, but they do add to your overall score. Here are some tips on how to get more Decor Points:


How to earn decor points in Cookie Run Kingdom attractions? Building and upgrading buildings will earn you Decor Points. Buildings are necessary for fulfilling Wish Tree wishes and trade in the kingdom. The Kingdom also contains main activity buildings which you can access by clicking on them. They will give you special buffs, such as an increased number of coins gained in battles and the ability to reduce expedition time. Landmarks are unique objects that make a theme stand out.

Landmarks are the highest-level Decors in the game. They give bonuses and special effects to buildings and are very strong when upgraded. Landmarks require tons of Coins, Crystals, and Aurora Materials. To build them, you must first upgrade a Building. This is the best way to unlock the best decorations. You can use Decor Points for upgrading a Building, so be sure to use them wisely!

Building and decorating decorations are essential for the Kingdom. You can do this by clicking on the build button in the bottom left corner of the Kingdom. After that, you will see a list of Decoration themes. Currently, there are 27 different Decoration themes, each of which has a price attached to it. Purchasing a theme will earn you Crystals, and will increase your Decor Points. However, it can be difficult to buy Decors and build up your kingdom quickly.


There are two ways to earn decor points in Cookie Run Kingdom. First, place cosmetic buildings in the Decor shop to earn bonus gems for completing a set. Second, build landmarks (which can be expensive but give huge long-term bonuses). Third, build castle levels for massive bonuses, as castle levels often have decor point requirements. For both of these methods, follow the same steps. You will need to have a decent amount of coins and Aurora content to earn enough Decor Points for these buildings.

Next, place buildings in the Resource category. These buildings produce resources that can be used in Product Buildings. These buildings can be Bakery, Jammery, or Smithy. All of these buildings can be used to create finished goods, and the players must accumulate Decor points to use these buildings to improve their kingdom. When you complete all these buildings, you’ll receive 5,000 Gems as a bonus when you unlock the entire set of Decorations.

After you’ve built your Cookie Castle, you can start upgrading the buildings around it. The best way to earn Decor Points in Cookie Run Kingdom is to build different types of Decorations. To build Decorations, click on the “Build” button, located on the bottom left corner of the Kingdom. From there, you can view all of the Decoration themes, and you’ll be rewarded with Crystals if you complete them.

The next method is to complete the Bounty quests. These quests come after you reach the third stage of Exploration in Story Mode. The rewards are coins and powders for leveling up your skills. Bounty quests are available from the general activity lobby, or you can open them by selecting corresponding buildings in the Kingdom. In addition to the main activities, there are many other ways to earn decor points in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Marmalade farm

In Cookie Run Kingdom, a marmalade farm is a building that collects marmalades. The first one is available when you have upgraded your Cookie Castle to level one, and the second is available at level six. The marmalade gummies can be sold for four coins each, and a stack of five costs 200 coins. The marmalade farm is the third production building you can build, and it is best to continue producing multiple items at once.

In the game, you can use Decor Points to improve your Kingdom. Each building and item you place in your kingdom gives you Decor Points. Each of these decorations will give your kingdom a visual appeal boost, but will not affect gameplay. In addition, collecting Decor Points is a great way to increase the number of Cookie citizens in your kingdom. However, beware, because earning these points isn’t easy.

Wishing tree

In Cookie Run Kingdom, you can earn decor points by completing quests and building structures. Decor Points are important because they show your standing in the kingdom. However, you must remember that they do not change the gameplay in any way. To learn how to earn decor points, read on. Listed below are some useful tips for earning these points. Read on to learn how to use decor points to your advantage. Then, you’ll be ready to upgrade your kingdom and become a successful leader.

First, you need to understand what a Kingdom is. A Kingdom is the overall progress of your account. Level determines your current capacity of pumping cookies, as well as the features you can unlock. Kingdom levels are only increased by completing story missions and participating in various activities. If you want to earn more experience points, you should build buildings that can help you level up your heroes and improve your production facilities. By doing so, you’ll be able to buy better and more expensive decorations for your castle.

The next step in earning decor points is to build and upgrade your castle. To do this, you can tap on the “Build” button located on the lower left hand corner of the Kingdom. This will display all of the available decoration themes. Each theme costs Crystals, so be sure to purchase them. Then, use your Decor Points to upgrade your kingdom and unlock the corresponding achievements. Once you’ve built your castle and completed all of the required tasks, you’ll be rewarded with 5000 gems.

Another important way to earn decor points is to upgrade your buildings. By upgrading them, you’ll be able to produce better quality products. Adding more decors to your castle will increase your standing in the community. It also gives you the chance to unlock the latest achievements in the game. So, earn the most decor points for your castle and enjoy your game! If you’re struggling to earn the Decor points you need, you can use the following tips.