How to Do a Drawing of Thor’s Hammer

A drawing of Thor’s hammer is a fun way to capture the iconic image of this god. This mythological weapon is one of the most famous and recognizable in comic books. As the god of thunder and lightning, Thor is a very interesting character and drawing it can be a lot of fun! In this tutorial, we will learn to draw the metal part of the hammer, which is a large rectangle.

Draw the handle of Thor’s hammer. A handle is a must-have element, as he would be unable to wield the weapon if he didn’t have one. Draw it with curved lines that end in a rounded portion. Finish by adding lines to give the hammer a leather-like texture. Once you’ve completed the drawing, add the details and colors, if desired.

Draw the Mjolnir handle. Use curved and short lines to sketch the Mjolnir handle. Add shadows to the handle to add depth. You’re almost done! Don’t forget to color the hammer head and handle. You’ll be surprised at how much fun this drawing project will be! It’s not difficult to create a realistic representation of Thor’s hammer!

Despite its non-racist origins, Thor’s hammer has been inappropriately used by white supremacists. Thankfully, most Asatruers aren’t racist, and this symbol is not racist. Just be sure to consider its context. When drawing the hammer, it’s important to remember that the hammer represents power, and you want to ensure that your drawing is accurate and represents the character.

The weight of Thor’s hammer was first determined in comics, published by Marvel. According to one of his comics, Thor’s hammer weighs four2.3 pounds – the equivalent of 300 billion elephants! And it weighs just ten percent of its weight in aluminum! In terms of mass, the hammer is actually lighter than 300 billion elephants and mice. But how heavy is it?