How to Determine the 1972 Canadian Nickel Value

When determining the 1972 Canadian nickel value, consider a few factors, such as the finish, grade, and rarity. A 1970 canadian nickel value, for example, is $0.12 CAD. Depending on the rarity, grade, and condition, a 1972 nickel may be worth more than $1,000 CAD. However, the value of an individual coin will vary widely. Read on to discover how to determine the value of a Canadian nickel.

A cool story behind a 1953 nickel’s high relief can help you find its value. These coins feature the maple leaf in high relief, but because the die deteriorated, it resulted in a tiny dot on the coin’s surface. The good news is that you can still find high-relief nickels for a few thousand dollars. This is a great way to invest in Canada’s history and collectible coins without spending a lot of money.

Some of the rarest Canadian coins date from 1922 to the present, including the far 6 coin. These coins have a rare maple leaf on them and can fetch more than $10,000. Those coins with a far 6 date are even rarer – the “6” is further away from the maple leaf on the near 6 coin. High-grade, mint-state examples of these coins can sell for over $10,000.