How to Collect 2019 P Nickel Errors

It’s possible to collect Jefferson nickel errors, or varieties of these coins. Although these are rare, they are still highly valuable. With a little luck, you can find one in circulation. In this guide, we’ll highlight the most common errors. There are also some varieties that don’t make it onto our lists. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire one. A repunched mintmark is another common type of error.

The “D” on the 1942-D Jefferson nickel was hand-punched during the manufacturing process. The second “D” was struck over the first, resulting in a rare “D over D” variety. In circulated grades, these errors can fetch as much as $50. A perfect example can sell for more than two hundred dollars. Another type of error on a Jefferson nickel is a double strike. The “D” appears twice, but it is surrounded by a “3.”