How To Buy Zcash Safely And Legally – The Ultimate Guide

If you want to know how to buy ZCash and where to buy zcash, you can use a middle-man service such as ChangeHero. This website allows you to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies, and it charges no set rates. In addition to offering a variety of different currencies, ChangeHero also offers live chat support.

It offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies

ChangeHERO is an online exchange that lets users instantly exchange 80+ cryptocurrencies for one another. Unlike other exchanges, you do not need to register to use this service, and you can quickly swap any coin for another at the best rate. The platform queries multiple exchanges to find the best rates.

It charges no set rates or fees

If you’re thinking about converting Zcash to fiat currency, you’ll be glad to know that ChangeHero charges no fees or set rates. The exchange works by sending your funds to a Bittrex exchange and then returning them to you in coin form. This option has many benefits, including being completely anonymous and charging no fees.

While other exchanges require an ID to transact, ChangeHero’s system is based on zero-knowledge proofs and advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure that your transactions are secure. This means that your transactions are confidential, and no one will be able to see additional information about you unless you choose to give them access to your personal information.

It offers live chat support

ChangeHero does not offer cryptocurrency trading services, but it does provide excellent support. The website provides a basic FAQ section that answers common questions and a blog with guides on various crypto tools. Although the website does not offer live chat support, it does provide email support. It also provides a comprehensive transaction summary and constant updates.

ChangeHero offers two exchange rates. One is the Best Rate, which is the current market rate, and the other is the Fixed Rate. The former is more risky, but you won’t lose any coins. If you don’t want to risk losing coins, you should use the Fixed Rate.

It offers no KYC checks

If you are looking for a no-KYC cryptocurrency exchange, ChangeHero may be for you. The company was founded in 2016 and is focused on privacy and security. It offers a 24/7 customer support team and fast, pure crypto-to-crypto exchanges. Users only have to provide their wallet addresses to register and no KYC check is required. There is no minimum withdrawal limit.

The platform is easy to use, even for beginners. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to purchase cryptocurrency. Though the spreads are high (around 4%), ChangeHero is reliable and anonymous. It also has a live chat option.

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