How to Buy a 2017 Double Die Penny

If you are interested in owning a double die penny for collection purposes, there are a few things you should know. First, double die coins are counterfeits. Many counterfeiters from China are manufacturing high-quality coins that are worth a lot of money. You should avoid these counterfeits and make sure you buy from a legitimate dealer or certified coin grading service. These coins have special properties that distinguish them from regular US coins.

Secondly, when buying pennies, look for coins with unique qualities. The earliest ones usually carry the most valuable variations. A rare double die coin will be worth significantly more than its face value. Another variation worth paying attention to is a 1969-S double die obverse, made by the San Francisco Mint. Although the chances of finding a rare coin are very slim, the first two to appear on the market will be the best ones to purchase.

Thirdly, look for the P Mint mark. The Philadelphia Mint will strike billions of 2017-P Lincoln cents. These coins will be worth face value, but they will also carry a P Mint mark, which will create secondary market premiums. A 2017-P double die penny is a rare coin and is sure to attract attention. Whether you choose to buy it for investment purposes or to keep in your collection, you’ll be able to find a coin you’ll be proud to own.

While this year’s P Lincoln penny has a “P” mint mark, its doubling effect is subtle. You’ll need to use a microscope or loupe to see the full effect. Also, remember that coins with more pronounced doubling will command premiums when sold in the market. And if you’re looking for a rare double die penny, it might be wise to invest in a high-grade example.

eBay sellers have already completed confirmed sales of the 2017-P Lincoln cents. Denver Mint offers them in two-coin rolls and 50-coin rolls. A seller in Apex, N.C. is selling 50-coin rolls of 2017-P cents for $8 each. Another seller in Wildomar, Calif. is offering a pair of 2017-P cents for $1.49. A seller in Shelton, Wash. is offering one single coin for 99 cents, with 49 cents for shipping.

The 1957 Class 1 Doubled Die Lincoln cent is the rarest and most valuable of all the doubled die varieties. While most numismatics are unaware of the existence of this double die penny, only a select few have had the opportunity to handle one. A photograph of this double die cent was published in the Coin World’s Clearinghouse section. The dramatic doubling of this coin makes it a highly desirable numismatic item.

Although doubled die pennies are rare and difficult to find, the 2017 edition will definitely be worth collecting. In fact, the 2017 double die penny will fetch a price significantly higher than the average coin. The doubling process makes these coins harder to find and more valuable. In addition, collectors may be able to purchase a coin at an unbeatable price, thanks to the increased demand for these coins. It is also a way for collectors to create a higher quality coin.

Another unique feature of these coins is the wide AM design. The word “Liberty” can be hard to differentiate from the wide AM design. A close inspection of these rare coins may require an inexpensive magnifying glass. An error like this can fetch as much as $50 in mint state condition. If it is in mint condition, this coin could fetch even more. It is estimated that around 4.5 billion double die pennies were minted.