How Old Is Lenny Gomulka?

Having a 24 year professional career, how old is Lenny Gomulka? And what’s his latest news? He was born in Chicago and grew up in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, where he continues to entertain as Lenny Gomulka and Chicago Push. And did you know that he has over one hundred albums under his belt? Keep reading to find out more about the world’s most famous polka musician!

24 years of professional musical experience

Born and raised in Ludlow, Massachusetts, Lenny Gomulka has 24+ years of professional musical experience. While his hometown has a small town feel, he draws inspiration from his big city roots. Growing up on the southwest side of Chicago, he was inspired by the live music scene there. He has won numerous awards and accolades over the years. In 1990, he moved to Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, and continues to entertain with his band, Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push.

At age five, Lenny Gomulka took an interest in polka music. His mother encouraged him to self-teach himself to play the drums and trumpet. In the years that followed, he became a professional polka musician, performing with almost every major Chicago polka band. He credits his brother Richie, who had been a bandleader during the 60’s, with helping him get started.

Born in Chicago

Born in Chicago, Lenny Gomulka is now a resident of Ludlow, Massachusetts, which is 90 minutes west of Boston. However, his big city roots can still be felt as he has played in many of the best polka bands in Chicago. He credited his mentor, his older brother Richie, for giving him the confidence to pursue a career in music.

As the lead singer of the popular Chicago polka band Chicago Push, he has won numerous awards from radio stations and promoters. He and his band have been inducted into the International Polka Music Hall of Fame and nominated for twelve Grammys. His band has recorded over 100 albums, and he is a BMI writer. His music is widely recognized by fans everywhere. Gomulka is also the owner of Orland Publishing Company and Push Records.

Lives in Chicago

Born in 1923, Lenny Gomulka is a self-taught drummer from Ludlow, MA. He later self-taught himself trumpet and performed with every major polka band in Chicago for 24 years. He credits his parents, especially his brother Richie Gomulka, who was a bandleader in the 1960s, for his musical development. His passion for playing live music is reflected in his musical style.

Richie Gomulka was born in Chicago to Polish parents. As a child, he was drawn to polka music and reacted with great interest in learning how to play the instrument. He taught himself to play the accordion when he was 12 years old and switched to the drums after watching a Lil’ Wally movie. He now lives in Chicago with his wife Sarah Michel.

Recorded with many bands in the polka industry

Lenny Gomulka is considered the America’s Polka King, and he has recorded with many polka bands over the years. He started playing drums at an early age and took trumpet lessons at eleven. As a child, Gomulka performed with the top Chicago polka bands. He credits his brother, Richie, who was a bandleader in the 1960s.

Despite his fame, Gomulka’s passion for polka music has made him one of the most well-known and popular musicians in the industry. He has performed in numerous venues across the country, recorded CDs, and played on television. His music and live performances have won him Grammy Awards and Emmy Awards. His polka band has toured the United States many times and is regarded as one of the best in the world.

Received first PolkaGrammy Award in history

With 12 Grammy nominations, Lenny Gomulka was the first Polish polka singer to ever receive a recording-industry honor. A talented multi-instrumentalist, he grew up playing with Chicago’s legendary polka bands, including Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones. In 1980, he founded Chicago Push and spread the polka gospel across New England. In 1998, his band received the state’s official polka.

The category itself was created in 1986, with Frankie Yankovic, Brass Release, and Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones winning. The PolkaGrammy has won more than any other genre, with many artists from the U.S. receiving multiple awards. But the record for PolkaGrammy winners is even more impressive. Lenny Gomulka received the first PolkaGrammy Award in history for his album “Polka,” and the group continues to entertain audiences with their own original compositions.

Known for his “Chicago Push” style of Polish polka

Lenny Gomulka is a Polish American polka drummer from the Chicago area. Born in Chicago, Gomulka began playing the drums at age four and later took up the trumpet. He made his debut recording with the Polka Sharps at age 11. After a move to Western Massachusetts, Gomulka and his Chicago Push group continued to develop their unique style. They have also adapted popular songs and written their own material.

In 1990, Gomulka moved to Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, and continues to perform. In addition to playing polka, Gomulka has a long history as a polka musician, having recorded over 50 albums and played with over 25 different artists. In addition to his classic polka repertoire, he also plays modern and Spanish styles.