How Much Is Flight Ticket From Nigeria to Canada?

The cost of a plane ticket from Nigeria to Canada varies widely. You must keep this in mind when planning your trip. Check the airfares of different airlines and compare them to get the best deal. Ticket prices may also differ slightly if you want to buy a one-way ticket.

Ticket prices also depend on how long the flight takes. The fastest flights from Lagos to Toronto take around 18 hours. Others may take up to 33 hours. Depending on the airline, the duration and number of layovers may vary. It is better to book your flight well in advance as prices will vary.

When you are flying from Lagos to Canada, you should choose a direct flight to avoid connecting flights. You can also travel by bus if you wish. There are several direct flights between the two cities. You may have to change planes in Toronto if you want to reach your destination in time. However, most of the major airlines fly to Canada from Lagos.

For a cheap flight from Lagos to Toronto, you need to book your ticket in advance. You can find cheap one-way tickets by searching for them online. For example, you can find the cheapest one-way ticket from Nigeria to Canada for $878 from British Airways.