How Much is a 2003 Roosevelt Dime Worth?

The coin was minted for 2.1 billion pieces and contains 90% silver. The standard 2003 Roosevelt dime is composed of copper, nickel, and silver. Proof dimes are much more valuable. They were minted on special planchets to create coins with more detail. The US mint minted four different types of 2003 dimes. They can be separated by their mint mark. The value of each coin varies depending on condition, rarity, and condition.

The earliest d dime dates back to 1789 and is worth just under eight million dollars. The most common condition is Uncirculated, though some examples are considered to be “mint state” and worth over $8 million dollars. Some dimes have an irregular image, such as a partial or completely blank planchet. The image is misaligned and the coin may be considered “off center” when graded. The degree of off center strike will determine its value, but a good example can sell for a few dollars.

The most valuable dimes are those minted in 1968. The 1968 dime, for example, is rare, without the “S” mintmark, and is worth more than its face value. There are only two known examples of this coin. A collector in Pennsylvania who bought five sets of proof dimes in the year 1975 identified these coins and submitted them to the magazine Coin World for a review. The coins were then sent to the ANACS, which authenticated one of them.

The original proof set sold at Fred Vollmer’s auction for $18,200. A mystery Ohio collector is holding onto the second set, which has been graded by PCGS. It is a PR66, but isn’t as good as the first, which would command six figures at auction. In the past, there have been a couple of sales of these rare coins. If you find one of these coins, don’t be afraid to get in on the action!

Although some dimes have rare characteristics and could fetch more than $1 million, the majority of dimes don’t come with any obvious markings that distinguish them from their common counterparts. New collectors may be confused about what makes a coin valuable, or how to make them more valuable. However, the answers to these questions will help you get started. Once you have the answer to that question, you can begin to collect dimes.

Uncirculated or MS 65 condition 2003 clad dimes are worth about $0.10, but a rare and valuable silver Roosevelt dime can fetch $7000. If you want to learn more about how to tell the difference between these two types of dimes, you’ll need to study their rarity and condition. Using a coin scale is a good way to distinguish them. This will also help you determine the condition of the coin and tell you its value.

There are other types of Roosevelt dimes. The overdate Roosevelt dime is one of the most valuable coins of the twentieth century. It’s rare in its own right, and is valued at around $400 to $500 in a circulated grade. An uncirculated 1975 No-S proof Roosevelt dime is worth almost half a million dollars. The only other dime with an overdate date is the 1953 Doubled Die, which has an MS68 grade and sold for nearly half a million dollars.