How Much is a 2002 D Penny Worth?

How much is a 2002 D Penny Worth? Depending on its condition, a 2002 D Penny can be worth anywhere from $20 to $50. The doubling on these coins is typically due to machine error. The dies can become damaged and over-worn, but the coins can still be valuable if the doubling is minimal. A genuine 2002 D Penny can be worth between $20 and $50. Other common flaws include off-center pennies, which can be caused by misaligned dies and the blank not being seated squarely on the presses.

The most valuable 2002 D Penny is an MS69RD, which is the highest grade for this coin. In 2015, the highest-graded 2002-D was sold for $376. The 2002 D Penny was struck at the Denver Mint, and it features a “D” mintmark. Unlike earlier versions, it is struck on highly polished blanks and struck on high-tonnage presses, which gives it exceptional detail. The San Francisco Mint struck just over 227,720 2002 proof pennies. These are generally worth about $2 to $5 each.

In the case of the 2002 D Penny, it is not worth more than its face value in uncirculated condition. However, in the case of a 2002 D Penny, if you find one with a mint mark, it could be worth between $25 and $50. A clean, mint-condition coin could fetch upwards of $200. The same is true for a coin with a flaw in the date.