How Much is a 1977 Spitting Eagle Quarter Worth?

You have probably heard of the spitting eagle quarter. But what is it worth? This article will answer that question and more. Read on to learn how to value this coin. There are many reasons to collect such coins, so you may even want to trade it in for a more expensive one. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make these coins more valuable – they are certified by reputable third-party services, and they’re even more collectible than regular ones!

The mintage of this coin is quite low (approximately 468 million). You shouldn’t have a problem finding one. MS65 coins are worth $5 and MS67 coins are worth $100. However, you may be interested in a rare MS67 “Top Pop” that sold for a record $2500! These coins are hard to find, but they are still worth a little bit of money.

There are two ways to grade the coins. You can grade your 1977 Washington Quarters with the NGC or PCGS. If you have a graded proof, it can be worth as much as $1. A graded circulated example can sell for as much as a dollar, while an MS67 example can fetch more than a dollar! So, if you have a 1977 Washington quarter, you can start collecting and reap the benefits of a booming hobby!

In the world of coins, cracks and inconsistencies are rare. Although the modern coins are produced more uniformly, some collectors seek out the inconsistencies to increase the value of their collections. A 1977 spitting eagle quarter, with an inconsistency, is still worth quite a bit of money. If you’re unsure, you can always seek the advice of a reputable coin grading service.

What are the other types of coins? The first one is the 1796 Draped Bust quarter. Only 700 of these coins have survived to the present day, and one of these pieces recently sold for $1,527.500 at an auction. That makes it one of the most valuable U.S. coins. However, the 1977 Spitting Eagle quarter, with an MS67 grade, is worth about 25 cents in average condition. If you have one of these coins in a certified mint state condition, you can make a six-dollar coin.