How Much Can You Make With Taxfyle?

Taxfyle is a startup that can handle certain bookkeeping and payroll tasks for clients in exchange for a small fee. It is looking to expand beyond that, though. The company is particularly appealing to firms outside the US, which may not have the resources to do this work themselves. Taxfyle can fill in the gaps, while also giving firms a nice margin.

Taxfyle works only with tax professionals who are credentialed. This includes certified public accountants and enrolled IRS agents. These professionals have on average fourteen years of experience. This enables them to provide high-quality service to clients. In addition to Taxfyle’s platform, users can communicate with pros through the platform.

The salary range varies widely. The average salary for employees at Taxfyle ranges from $4,192,759 to $5,531,185. However, individual salaries may vary depending on the department and the area in which you live. The salary at Taxfyle may also vary depending on your education and experience.

Taxfyle is a marketplace of CPAs and IRS enrolled agents that connect clients to qualified professionals. It acts like an Amazon fulfillment center for accounting departments and firms. The company is launching new APIs for accounting firms and tax filers to enable them to easily add tax preparation to their existing offerings. These APIs will improve the connection between clients and professionals.

In addition to providing a high-quality service at a low rate, Taxfyle also makes the process secure and transparent for clients. The platform routes each assignment to the most suitable professional. And the company also ensures that the skills and rates of the professionals are appropriate and competitive. Taxfyle also uses encryption to ensure security.

Taxfyle is expanding rapidly, and has raised $35 million. With this funding, the startup plans to onboard more accounting pros. The startup’s team now numbers 75 and is outgrowing its Coconut Grove offices. It plans to move to a new office space and expand its current office space.

The company is also looking for a cloud desktop deployment solution to help them meet their needs. Ultimately, the company wants to ensure that users are as mobile as possible, and location-independent. As such, the company needed a solution that could scale as needed. The cloud infrastructure was the solution for this. The cloud platform would allow Taxfyle to raise their servers on demand, which is crucial. Setting up a Windows remote app environment in the cloud requires extensive knowledge and time.