How Much Can I Sell My Xbox One S For?

The Xbox One S is the updated version of the Xbox One. It offers the same functionality as the original, but comes with a higher graphical chip. This makes the Xbox One S more powerful for certain games. However, as more people buy the new generation consoles, the value of legacy Xbox One hardware is decreasing. It is important to note that you will make more money if you sell your Xbox One S sooner than later.

Before you sell your Xbox One, make sure that it is in good condition. You can increase its value by including accessories, such as Xbox Kinect or Guitar Hero equipment. Special editions can also command higher prices, especially if the original packaging is still intact. For example, a Minecraft Xbox One S bundle can fetch you as much as $300. In addition, Xbox One S models with higher storage capacities can fetch higher prices.

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There are several sites where you can sell your Xbox One S. Swappa is one of the best places to sell Xbox One S, since it offers a secure service. This marketplace lets you sell your Xbox One S online without any middlemen. This means that you’ll get the best price from the seller. Other sites include Decluttr, Buyback Boss, Gadget Salvage, and Local Gaming Store.

The Swappa website is one of the safest places to sell Xbox One S (2016) online. Swappa allows sellers to list their Xbox One S (2016) on their website and receive payment instantly. You can list your Xbox One S on Swappa by entering its information and uploading a few pictures. Once you’ve listed your Xbox One S on Swappa, you can choose the price and start receiving payments immediately. You can even set a price based on market trends.

Selling your Xbox One S can be easier than you think. Most major retailers have similar procedures for selling used consoles. Be sure to check the condition and original accessories before selling. Many online auction sites also offer more than you’d expect, and can make you a substantial profit.

You can also try the Xbox Store trade-in program. You can get $40 for your Xbox One S by selling it in the store, while you’ll get up to $130 for your Xbox One X. You can also try selling your Xbox One through an Xbox buyback service. The process is simple and safe.

While Xbox One S is a third generation console, it has plenty of life left in it. If you’re tired of playing the console and are thinking of selling it, you can get cash for it at SellCell. The company will pay you in a few days.