How Much Are Mike’s Hard Lemonade Tall Cans Worth?

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is made from malt and has a percentage of alcohol of 3.2% to 8%. A single pint of this drink contains around 200 calories. Although the drink contains alcohol, the taste and aroma are light and pleasant. This vegan alcoholic beverage is flavored with natural lemon and stevia. A can of this drink contains enough liquid to last for three days.

You can also find a variety pack of this beverage, which has four different flavored drinks in one bottle. The strawberry, peach, cherry, and black are all good options. This beverage is the perfect choice if you have a heavy meal and want to quench your thirst with a side of alcohol. The carbonation level of this drink is perfect for people who enjoy their lemonade with a kick.

You can purchase a tall can of this beverage for about $13 at your local store. The drink’s ingredients include barley, which may be confusing for some consumers. However, Mike’s Hard Lemonade uses a proprietary filtration process to remove any gluten particles from the drink. This makes the beverage safer for all seasons.

As a low-calorie beverage, hard lemonade is a great choice for summer days. It packs about 228 calories per 12-oz. serving and has 33 grams of carbohydrates. The taste is similar to that of a regular lemonade. You’ll probably notice that it has a hint of malt, but the taste will be fresh, sweet, and refreshing.

Originally, Mike’s Hard Lemonade contained vodka, but it’s now made with unflavored malt liquor. It was introduced in 2009, and soon after, it went on to win awards from Beverage World Magazine. In 2010, it was named “Best Lemonade” for two consecutive years.