How Many Stealth Rocks Can You Set Up.

Stealth Rocks are a good way to get an advantage over your opponents in Max Raid Battles. They are also useful in stalls and force opposing leads out. They can also be used to set up a unite move that stuns opponents. If you set up Stealth Rocks early in the game, you will have a better chance of outlasting your opponents.

Stealth Rocks can be very dangerous to opposing Pokemon, as they hurt Pokemon that switch into battle. Despite this fact, Stealth Rocks are very easy to set up and use in a metagame where most Pokemon are attack-types. In fact, Garchomp is a great user of Stealth Rocks, forcing it to make a lot of switches.

In terms of damage, Stealth Rocks work much like Spikes do, but instead of dealing damage based on the type of the attacker, Stealth Rocks deal chip damage instead. And while Spikes can only be put on an offensive Pokemon, Stealth Rocks can be put on both offensive and defensive Pokemon. If you set up multiple Rocks, the amount of damage you do to the opponent will increase with each additional set.

The downside of this strategy is that it drastically reduces your number of Pokemon. You’ll be down from seventeen to four Pokemon if you use Stealth Rocks. Toxic Spikes can cause poison, which will affect all Pokemon, even Flying ones. If you want to maximize the benefits of Stealth Rocks, make sure you use a Pokemon that can survive being poisoned.

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