How Many Gallons Is a Slim Jim Trash Can?

A slim trash can is an important part of a home’s waste management system. Its 23-gallon capacity is ideal for small spaces, and it can accommodate trash can liners that are as large as 32 gallons. In addition to its capacity, the slim shape of the slim Jim trash can makes it easy to place in a corner or tight space. Its high durability and resistance to dents and chips make it an excellent choice for businesses and households that have limited space or need to save space in their trash rooms.

Trash can liners are available in a variety of colors and strengths. Choosing the right one will help you keep odors and other pests out of your trash. They also make your trash bin look cleaner and less unsanitary. Trash can lids also help to keep water and other contaminants out.

Rubbermaid’s step-on trash cans offer convenient hands-free waste disposal. They’re perfect for small spaces, since the lid features a step-on footprint, metal retaining straps, and a silent-closing lid.