How Many Gallons Is a Brute Trash Can?

When it comes to trash containers, Brute trash cans are top of the line. These sturdy containers have innovative venting channels and integrated cinches to prevent warping. They also feature rounded top and base handles for easier lifting. And the reinforced base resists crushing and provides UV protection. Whether you are storing trash or food, a Brute trash can is the perfect solution.

Brute trash containers are available in many sizes. A 40-gallon unit can hold up to four trash bags. For convenience, Brute has also partnered with Brute Caddy Bags, which are made from heavy-duty vinyl. The bags make it easy to organize all of your cleaning supplies and easily access the contents. They also have several elastic pockets and a adjustable strap. These bags make it easy to use a Brute container, and come in yellow or black.