How Many Calories in a Can of Friskies Pate?

There are many benefits to feeding your cat a wet food recipe such as Purina Friskies Farm Favorites Pate. For one thing, these meals are made with real chicken, so your cat will love them. Another great thing is that they’re available in easy-to-open cans. This makes it easy to keep them well-fed, and you can keep a check on the calories in your cat’s food, too.

However, it’s best to check the ingredient list of your chosen canned cat food product. A product’s first five ingredients can tell you a lot about its quality. You want to look for quality proteins and few unpronounceable chemicals. Friskies Pate Mixed Grill Adult contains 88 calories per 100g or 25 calories per ounce. This is about average. To find out more about the ingredients and the calorie content of Friskies Pate, simply consult the manufacturer’s website.

You can find Friskies at grocery stores, discount stores, and big box stores. The food is also widely available online. You can purchase it from Amazon, Walmart, and Chewy. You can also get it from discount pet supply stores like Petco.

Friskies is owned by the Nestle-Purina conglomerate, one of the largest pet food companies in the world. The company sources its ingredients mostly from the United States, including lamb and venison. Other ingredients, such as vitamin packs, are imported from overseas.