How Long Can VSL 3 Be Unrefrigerated?

In order to ensure its potency, VSL#3 is refrigerated and stored behind the counter at pharmacies nationwide. However, it is important to use this supplement under medical supervision. It is also gluten-free, Kosher, and Halal certified. VSL#3 can be stored at room temperature for up to two weeks, but it is best to store it in the refrigerator to ensure freshness and quality.

VSL#3 is a supplement that contains eight strains of live freeze-dried bacteria, which are believed to help restore and balance the flora in the digestive tract. Moreover, this product is lactose-free and gentle on the stomach. It is available in capsule form and can be taken daily. It also has a long shelf-life, and its potency is maintained for up to two weeks at room temperature.

The digestive tract contains trillions of bacteria, most of which are good. But sometimes, the imbalance of good and bad bacteria causes unpleasant and even debilitating symptoms. Fortunately, VSL#3(r) contains multiple strains of bacteria that fight these infections.

VSL 3 is an excellent supplement for people suffering from ulcerative colitis. It helps to protect the digestive system from harmful bacteria and cure infection. Although some users experience stomach discomfort at first, this should fade with time. However, it should not be taken with antibiotics, as it may diminish the effectiveness of the probiotic. You should also remember to store it in the refrigerator to prevent heat-related degradation of the capsules.