How Long Can PROZINC Insulin Be Unrefrigerated?

It is important to refrigerate insulin to keep it from deteriorating or freezing. Insulin can break down when exposed to heat or light and bacteria can grow on it. This can cause the insulin to lose its potency or become ineffective. Therefore, insulin should be kept in a cool, dark place or kept in a box that can be placed toward the back of the refrigerator.

If PROZINC is not refrigerated, it will lose its potency and become ineffective within 60 minutes of exposure to hot or cold temperatures. However, in a cool room, insulin remains stable for up to two years. Therefore, it is safe for a patient to take the insulin at least 60 days after opening.

The shelf-life of insulin depends on the type and the manufacturer. It is possible that the insulin you buy from a pharmacy has gone bad. However, it is important to keep the insulin refrigerated and store it between 36degF and 46degF to ensure its potency. Insulin manufacturers recommend that insulin be stored at this temperature to keep it potent until the expiration date.

You should always store insulin in a refrigerator, but it is also safe to keep it at room temperature for 28-30 days. However, insulin is sensitive to temperature and should be kept at the right temperature to prevent adverse reactions. A person with diabetes should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the insulin is safe to use.

PROZINC is an injectable insulin approved by the FDA. This insulin is manufactured by Boehringer-Ingelheim. It is a genetically modified PZI type insulin. The company has marketed it specifically for cats and is relatively effective in feline diabetes. It is also manufactured by Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, which bought the PZI Vet franchise from IDEXX.