How Long Can Botox Be Stored After Reconstitution?

In order to maximize its potency, the Botox solution must be stored below -5 degrees Celsius. If stored at room temperature, Botox solutions should be used within 5 days. The solution must not be refrozen or stored at higher temperatures. If stored at room temperature, Botox solutions should be refrigerated at a temperature below 4 degrees Celsius.

The potency of Botox can be maintained after reconstitution for up to four weeks. However, if stored in a refrigerator, it can remain effective for up to 16 weeks. For optimal results, the Botox should be stored at a temperature not higher than +4 degrees Celsius.

Botox duminica has a few risks. First, it can cause a frozen face. The frozen face is a common Botox side effect and may last for 10 to 12 weeks. If you suffer from a frozen face, the treatment may not work. In some cases, botox injections can result in eyelid drooping or a smile that is too droopy.

Another risk is contamination of the injected substance. Botox is a neurotoxin and may be contaminated with bacteria. To avoid contamination, Botox should be refrigerated or frozen for at least two weeks. After this period, it should be safe to use the injection.

A recent study compared the effectiveness of a two-hour old solution with a four-week-old solution. The researchers found that the two-hour old Botox solution was just as effective at relaxing muscles as the four-week-old solution. The effects lasted just as long.

Botox can also cause muscle numbness and swelling, leading to a “frozen” effect. For this reason, aesthetical medicine stresses safety. Those who receive Botox should consult a doctor and follow the instructions in the package insert. The doctor can use Botox for up to seven days after its reconstitution.

In this study, 94 volunteers were divided into five groups. Each group received either fresh or refrigerated Botox. Afterwards, paralysis rates were determined by CMAP amplitude and area. They were also evaluated 12 and 16 weeks after the injection.