How Late Can You Spray Liberty on Soybeans?

If you are planning to use dicamba products to control weeds, the most appropriate time to spray your soybean crops is before R1 (45 days after planting). However, if you are planning to spray your soybeans later than this, you may want to check the pre-harvest interval (PHI) of the herbicide before you spray. Many herbicides and insecticides have a 30-day or 60-day PHI.

Liberty, Enlist Duo and LibertyLink all have slightly different application windows. Enlist Duo has the least restrictive application window of all three, whereas Liberty has the shortest. Because of these differences, Liberty may not be the best choice for your soybean crop if you plan to plant dicamba-resistant soybeans, or you may not have the opportunity to spray dicamba post-emergence. In addition, Liberty herbicides have stewardship requirements that may make it impossible for you to plant them after June 30.

Liberty herbicide is most effective when applied during the warmer part of the growing season, when temperatures are high and humidity is high. In general, however, it is best to spray Liberty when the wind is less than 10 miles per hour, which helps prevent drift. Liberty herbicide is not a good option for late-season planting, but it will be effective in soybeans.

The pre-harvest interval for LibertyLink herbicides is two weeks after the last time it was used on soybeans. During this period, the plant will focus its energy on yield. During this time, the herbicide will have to metabolize and be absorbed by the soybean plant, which will take a lot of energy from the plant. Therefore, it is important to apply herbicide before the soybeans begin their blooming stage.

Liberty herbicide provides excellent grass control and can be used as a single herbicide or in combination with another herbicide. It is compatible with Enlist E3 soybean systems, which means that you can combine Liberty with other Enlist herbicides and get the best possible control. However, it is important to keep in mind that glyphosate and Liberty are not always compatible.