How Late Can I Spray Roundup on Soybeans?

There is a limit to how late you can spray roundup on soybeans. In general, it’s best to spray soybeans between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. to maximize weed control. However, it’s best to avoid spraying during windy weather because drift events can decrease weed control.

The best time to spray Roundup is 7 days after emergence. This will give the residual herbicide enough time to work. Once the pigweeds have emerged, the herbicide will begin to kill the weeds. Alternatively, LibertyLink systems should target their first application at 10-14 days after emergence. If you can’t wait that long, you can spray early to cover your entire acreage.

To maximize soybean yields, you should spray Roundup(r) brand herbicide as early as possible. Depending on the variety of soybeans, you can spray Roundup when the weeds are only 10 cm (4 inches) tall. If you are applying Roundup to older, non-Roundup soybeans, make sure that the weeds are about six inches (15 cm) tall before you spray.

In order to avoid crop losses, it is best to apply glyphosate before soybeans reach R3. After that, it will be too late because many diseases and insects haven’t yet reached their threshold levels. But if you do plant Roundup-resistant soybeans, make sure to plant them a year early to avoid a residue-filled soybean crop.

There are some other options for controlling weeds that can affect the yield of your soybeans. Some growers use hand pulling, which may be an effective option. However, there are those who question the practice because they believe that it can leave some mature weeds in the field that contribute to the weed seed bank. Although these weeds do not pose a threat to the crop, their seeds are in the embryonic stage, which means that they are not a threat to the soybean crop.

In addition to glyphosate, you can also use other herbicides to control weeds. However, you need to follow label instructions when applying these herbicides. For example, some glyphosate formulations are not approved for use on soybeans, so be sure to read the labels.

The time of day you apply post-emergent herbicides to soybeans can affect the effectiveness of the herbicide. Early applications can reduce weed escapes and help growers maximize yield. They also allow growers to minimize weed competition and maximize weed control.