How Far Can the Blink Sync Module Be From Router?

There are many factors that can affect the range of your blink sync module. The type of router you use, your internet package, and the strength of the wireless signal are all factors that will affect the optimal range. It is important to test the range of the Blink Sync Module before using it in a new location.

Ideally, you should place the Blink Sync Module in a location that is about 100 feet away from your router. It is important that you choose a location that is central and does not have many obstacles. For example, it is best to place the Blink Sync Module between two cameras.

To solve the problem, the Blink Sync Module only sees the 2.4 GHz network, so you need to add a second 2.4GHz network to your router. If this still does not work, try connecting the device through another smartphone or hotspot connection. In order to make sure that the Blink sync module is communicating with your router, you should see three bars of signal. If you do not get three bars, the connection between the two devices will be weak and may result in failed motion clips and rapid battery drain.

If you are unsure how far the Blink sync module can be from the router, try hard reset the device, and plug it in another outlet to test the connection. If the Blink sync module is still not connected to WiFi, you should disable your VPN and then reconnect the Blink Sync Module.

Blink camera uses two kinds of signals, Wi-Fi and LF radio signals. If you do not have a stable connection, the camera will go offline. Also, check your router, power supply, and Wi-Fi router. Disconnect VPN on your mobile device before connecting the Blink Sync Module. This might prevent the camera from connecting to the new network.

The Blink Sync Module is required to be connected to the wi-fi network to perform surveillance tasks and record footage. If it cannot connect to wi-fi, it will not work at all. Moreover, the Blink Sync Module has a support phone number in the UK and the US to address any problems you may face with the device.

If you want to place the Blink Sync Module in a remote location, it is best to place it near the wireless router. It is important to place the module close to the source of the WiFi network, as anything between the module and the wireless network can interfere with the signal.

If the device cannot connect to your router, you need to reset it. You can do this by pushing the reset button on the device. It should take approximately fifteen to twenty seconds. Then, you can start connecting it to your WiFi or Blink App.