How Far Can a Blink Outdoor Camera Be From a Router?

The Blink Outdoor camera’s maximum range depends on the lighting conditions and the resolution used. At its highest resolution, it can recognize people from a distance of 30 feet. It can recognize people even at night thanks to an infrared illuminator. However, the night vision will not provide the same level of detail as the daytime image. The range of motion detection also depends on the camera’s placement, infrared illumination, and object size.

Blink users can view recorded clips outside of the Blink app. For free, users can store up to seven thousand seconds of clips on Blink’s Cloud Storage. The recordings are deleted after 60 days. The EU and UK users can choose a longer deletion time. Blink also offers a paid subscription plan that gives them unlimited video storage.

The Blink camera supports 2.4GHz signals and will not work with a 5GHz signal. The camera will pick up the signal but won’t function correctly. If the camera is too far away from the router, it will frequently disconnect from the video feed. Objects and walls can also interfere with the signal. Because of this, it’s best to place the Blink camera within 100 feet of the router module. If the distance is greater, the video will be slow or non-existent.

Another important aspect to consider is the Wi-Fi connection. Blink cameras require a stable internet connection. If you can’t connect to the internet, Blink will not record video or images. However, you can receive notifications through the app. You can also reset the Blink camera by using a paperclip. Once the camera is reset, it will appear solid green again. After the reset, you can start monitoring your home with the Blink app. You’ll need to download the Blink app and set up an account. You’ll need to provide an email address and password.

Blink cameras can be placed up to 100 feet from a router without losing connectivity. To extend the range of your Blink camera, you can install a Wifi extender. This will help boost the signal of your home and the Blink camera. However, this solution will only work if you have a strong signal.

Another important factor to consider is the distance between the Blink sync module and the router. It is recommended to place your Blink cameras close to the router for optimal signal reception. But this may not be possible in some houses, especially those with large areas. If this is a problem, consider buying a Wi-Fi repeater. They’re relatively inexpensive and act as signal boosters.

You can also try resetting the Blink Camera. Its reset button is located near its USB port. Then, you’ll be prompted to enter a new wifi network name and password. Afterward, your camera will connect to your wifi network. It’s best to connect to a strong signal to be able to monitor your home.