How Did Larry Burns Make His Money?

If you have ever wondered how did Larry Burns make his money, you’re not alone. He’s worth more than $10 million. In addition to being a former GM executive, Larry Burns also made millions as a wildlife photographer. This multi-faceted entrepreneur has many investments to his name. Larry Burns started his career in advertising, but later went on to become the CEO of the Mets Trust Company, which he knowingly supported. Larry Burns also built shopping centers in rural Maryland. And he made his money through platform, single game, and merchandise royalties.

Burns’ first major investment came from a nonprofit organization he started called Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. His career spans more than a decade, and he has led the fundraising, marketing, and alumni departments at several universities. After the sale of Children’s Hospital of Michigan in 2010 to for-profit Vanguard Health Systems, Burns began to make grants to support research and non-billable needs. He consulted with stakeholders and made decisions based on their needs.

While he’s fond of Larry as his son, Burns admits that he’s not the right person to be his family. After all, he has his own family. He makes a lot of money by putting up fake kidnappings, which he calls “Pinocchios.”

Another interesting fact about Larry Burns is that he’s deaf. A year ago, he had to rely on a stenographer to listen to his daily life. Now, thanks to a cochlear implant, he’s able to hear most speakers. Although the cause of his hearing loss is unknown, he certainly made money in the process. Interestingly, his family members attributed the loss of his hearing to money, and they continue to support him.