How Can You Identify a Person?

If you’ve ever taken a picture of a person and wondered how to identify them, there are a few methods you can use. One of these methods is Google image search. You can use Google’s AI-based algorithms to search through data available online and identify a person’s face.

DNA fingerprinting is a relatively simple process, but it does require a reasonable sample and a comparison sample. Humans share 98% of their DNA, and it only takes 0.15% to identify an individual from a group of three million people. Alec Jeffreys discovered that there are telltale patterns in human genetic codes called genetic fingerprints.

Forensic scientists also use skeletal remains to identify people. These remains reveal a person’s sex, ancestry, age, and any fatal injuries. Other techniques include radiocarbon dating, which can reveal the person’s date of birth and the region of death. Scientists can even reconstruct a 3D image of a face from a skull.

The ability to identify people is a key social function. The process involves input from several modalities, including memory, semantic knowledge, and physical appearance. Face recognition is the most studied aspect of this process, but other cues are also involved. Other cues such as body habitus, personal belongings, and body motion are examples of partial identification. However, little research has been conducted on these cues.