How Can the Condition Column Be Added in Tosca Commander?

To add or remove a column in Tosca Commander, you simply drag the header of a column from the details view to a desired location. The column will automatically be added at the position marked by two arrows. Similarly, you can remove a column by selecting the header and holding down the left mouse button until the pointer turns into an X.

Tosca allows you to define IF, DO, WHILE, and repetitions using the Conditions object. All three types of statements create a Condition object that defines the conditions that must be met for the next step. Depending on the type of statement, the condition does not affect the total test execution, so it is not necessary to create multiple Conditions objects in a single test.

To create a condition column in Tosca, you will first need to import the AidPack module. This module contains several functions for creating test cases. Using these modules, you will be able to add repeat tests and repeat a certain number of times. In this way, you can create a test that covers multiple variables at once, and you will have the ability to repeat test cases.

You can also use Tosca’s command line interface to add a condition column to an existing Tosca instance. This will create new instances of a condition column that uses values in a text file. You can also create instances of an existing TestSheet using this command.

Tosca also allows users to save control properties and values in a global buffer. Using these, you can access these values in a later time via the Settings dialog. Tosca also allows you to link multiple templates. But you should avoid using more than one TestSheet.

Tosca can also be used to identify objects by index. This will help you find objects that have no unique ID. Tosca also offers a drag and drop feature and a docking function. All of this makes it easier to browse through TOSCA and perform complex operations.

Tosca is an application development and management tool. It supports both GUI and non-GUI applications, as well as DeVos. However, it’s important to note that Tosca does not work on MAC computers and Linux. The user interface and API are complex and the documentation is not very detailed. Tosca also has room for improvement, including its BI functionality.