How Can I Track My Cricket Phone?

If you want to track your Cricket phone, you can call the customer support number. The representative will ask you a series of questions to verify your identity. They will also ask you for your address and account password. Once you have all of that information, the representative will provide you with your Cricket phone number.

If you lose your Cricket phone, you will be able to track it with Find My. This app will play a sound that pinpoints its location. You can also contact lost and found offices to see if you can find your phone. Afterwards, you can contact customer support or the lost and found office to report the lost device.

You can also check for lost data. Cricket wireless doesn’t save text messages. This means that you can’t see if your children have been sending or receiving text messages. However, it may be important for you to look at your children’s phone records. Having the data on the phone can help you protect them from bad kids, or from school violence.